Sunday, August 29, 2010

How i'm starting off

So, I've got little programming experience under my belt. i taught myself the lovely Basic programming language when i was a 12 year old which wasn't all too hard however it also wasn't very useful. since then while i was in school i learned how to make websites using HTML and javascript, however beyond that I've got little knowledge of both java and c / c++ to really put to use here.

this is going to be a learning experience for sure.

There is a nice series of java programming tutorials available for those who like to watch videos to learn, however its not my bag, but for the sake of helping others here's episode one of his tutorials:

That said, I'm not fond of watching videos to learn... my brain moves too fast and to random topics while I'm watching videos so i can't focus easily on it. And so I've found a book i really like so far. I haven't read much of it but what i have it looks like my style of book.

I know its a bit old, however it seems to fill what i want to learn to do quite sufficiently and if i discovery otherwise along the way so be it. I'll find my way to another book. I posted the Amazon link only for those who wish to purchase it or have anything to say about it. There are reviews from 2002 and all, but the book was released in 2005 as the 3rd edition with many new features of java being covered so I'm taking a risk with it. The Amazon link is cheaper and i love amazon, so if you wish to purchase it and save a penny on a weak recommendation from a stranger on a blog, by all means hit up Amazon.

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