Friday, September 10, 2010

Ok so it has been a week.

No I haven't given up on my quest to learn how to program Java and inevitably learn to program for the android devices out there. What has happened though was a bunch of stuff in the real world like job interviews and everything, but more importantly i picked up a new Java programming book. This book is far more friendly to new developers than the previous, it has examples that compile, and it teaches you the basic. Why I went this route was to be able to learn the basics with one book and then learn the advanced style and information once done with that or even during the reading of the new book.

I almost hate myself for saying this, but I decided to give Java  For Dummies, 4th Edition. I've often thought myself better than these books but to be honest it doesn't hurt to knock myself down a peg to learn something new or different and as such here I am reading this book.

So yeah, here I am with a new book in hand and still I read both the other books to learn things. The other Java book is still quite resourceful and I've read through all of chapter 4 and parts of chapter 5 so its still being used but only for informational purposes rather than educational.

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