Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Well that was quick.

So, to be fair, the book is a great book. To be even more fair, the book was a great book. Long story short, chapter three and beyond hold no real examples of code that you can compile. Why do I not like this style of learning? Well for one, its hard for me to figure out how things work without being taught an example and then how to use it in an actual program. All the book decides to teach you is little snippets of code and how to make use of certain classes, but not necessarily how to make use of certain classes in programs. I know this isn't a major problem and I will still continue to read the book however from now until I get bored of it I will be reading Pro Android 2 to learn how to program on my Android device.

If you fear for my sake of learning that I will never truly learn the art of Java programming, fear not! This is only a minor turn on the path of success that I feel is necessary, I'm still going to finish reading the book I started with but in stead of using it as a learning mechanism I will be using it as a reference to how to do certain things.

Unfortunately, with this discovery of lack of usable code, I will also unfortunately not be providing any examples of coding that it had me produce since they are all a variation on "Hello World" there wouldn't be much sense to it. I would have to heavily modify what little i had done to not infringe on the authors efforts on that chapter alone. So for that, I must say i'm sorry and I do hope to have something up for examples throughout my learning of Android and Java in general.

My apologies to all.

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